Shri Nagarvel Hanumanji Maharaj Temple History

Shri Nagarvel Hanumanji Maharaj Temple

Sri Nagarvel Hanumanji Maharaj Temple is one of the four historical temples in the eastern direction. The place was on a small hill and as Nagarvel grew profusely on the hill as well as on the walls of the temple, the name of this temple gradually came to be known as "Shri Nagarvel Hanumanji Temple" which is still famous till today.

Shri Ramakrishna Paramahansa Mahadev Shivalaya

There were many saints in the service of Hanumanji Maharaj of Shri Nagarvel and as time passed two saints in the presence of Hanumanji Maharaj Shri 1008 Shri Ranganathacharya Gurukrishnacharya Swami and Saint Shri Hariharananda Paramahansa came to serve Swami and Swami Paramahansa once went to take a bath in Narmada and when he took a dip in Narmada I got a beautiful round sheela in his hand but he left it on the bank of Narmada and came back and when he came to the ashram and was sleeping, Hanumanji Maharaj appeared in his dream and pointed out to him that the sheela is Shiva and is installed in the palace of Hanumanji Maharaj. Ordered to do so and Swami Paramahansa told his dream to Swami Rampravananacharyaji and obeyed the Lord's order and brought this Shivling from Narmada bank and installed it in Hanuman temple in Nagarvel, hence the name of this Shivalaya is named Sri Ramakrishnaparamahansa Mahadev Shivalaya and year 1982. When the construction work of the temple is done and since then the service and worship of Lord Bholanath is done. And the devotees get the blessings of Bholanath and experience happiness, prosperity and happiness.

Shri Shani Maharaj

Shri Shani Maharaj is also established in this place. So, to avoid Shani's wrath and to get his grace vision, the devotees gather on Saturdays - Amase and Shaneshwar Jyanti.