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Kite festival

Shri Nagarvel Hanumanji Maharaj Temple

  This place is located in City Talukama Moje Bagefirdos in Ahmedabad district. That is, it is located on Amraiwadi-Rakhial road in the middle of Ahmedabad city. Historical Heritage This place is the abode of Hanumanji for more than 600 years. The historical details of which are as follows.

  The city of Ahmedabad was founded by Ahmed Shah. Before the establishment of the city of Ahmedabad, when Ahmedshah Badshah went hunting, he came to this place and saw a rabbit in front of his hunting dogs. The emperor was very surprised to see an animal like a rabbit standing in front of terrifying hunting dogs and he found this land glorious and heroic, so he thought that if we establish a city in this place, the people here will become like Khimir and will be famous all over the country. From this idea, the emperor started building a city here. But the construction of the city suddenly started to collapse. So the emperor became very worried. At that time, Bhadrakali's mother told Ahmedshah in a dream that "If you want to establish this city, then in the middle of the city and on the four sides of the city. Only if you build the temples of Hanumanji, you will be able to settle this city here." Understanding the order received in the dream as a divine sign, Ahmad Shah built the temple of Bhadrakali Mata in the middle of the city and the temples of Hanumanji on the four sides of the city.

  • Sri Nagarvel Hanumanji Maharaj Temple is one of the four historical temples in the eastern direction. The place was on a small hill and as Nagarvel grew profusely on the hill as well as on the walls of the temple, the name of this temple gradually came to be known as "Shri Nagarvel Hanumanji Temple" which is still famous till today.
  • Since the establishment of this legendary temple, many ascetics, saints and mahants have made this place their abode and worshiped in the temple and also increased the importance of this place by doing public welfare works. Here are the burial places of many saints of this sect. It also houses rare Vibhutis who have taken a living Samadhi. There is a popular belief that the prayers offered with faith and devotion to the tombs in this place are sure to bear fruit.
  • The statue of Shri Hanumanji is very beautiful and miraculous. Lord Hanumanji is seated here in a form which is rarely seen in a worried form and gives happiness, peace and prosperity by taking away all the worries of the devotees. According to the Puranas and scriptures, Lord Hanumanji is immortal and is a real presence when darshan of the idol in this place. It is believed that In the temple, the desires of the devotees are fulfilled with faith and according to the scriptures, Shri Hanumanji Maharaj is the eleventh incarnation of Rudra. Hence doing eleven (11) circumambulations of Shri Hanumanji Maharaj in this temple gives great merit. Also, there is a strong belief that wishful thinking brings auspicious results.

  There is also a Shivalayam named Ramakrishna Paramahansa Mahadev in this place. Where Lord Bholanath is worshiped and Abhishek, Rudri Path etc. are performed. Also, Shri Shani Maharaj is also established in this place. So, to avoid Shani's wrath and to get his grace vision, the devotees gather on Saturdays - Amase and Shaneshwar Jyanti. Karmabhumi and tapobhumi of monks and mahants, this place feels very sacred and divine. His conviction lives on as a permanent memory to all who visit here and everyone who comes here and takes advantage of darshan or worship gets the benefit of special grace. Even today, the heir of the above saints, "Sri Ranganathacharyaji Maharaj" who is a Mahant of the Ramanuja Sampraday, narrates the story of the realization of divinity to him, his predecessors and future devotees. Also, they are always striving to ensure that everyone gets the benefit of the special kind of spiritual and divine atmosphere in this place.

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Shri Nagarvel Hanumanji Maharaj Temple.